This is your life. Be you and Own it.

To get what you want, you must be who you are.

Can I tell you a quick story?

Once upon a time I lost connection with who I truly was. Of course, I didn't know that that's what had happened. I just knew that I was miserable and I felt horrible. I looked fine on the outside, I looked like I had my life together, things were going well and to be honest, that made it worse. Because I felt empty. Numb. Hungry. But I didn't know why and everyone else thought I had it so good. So how dare I feel this way? 

Feeling guilty about my "negative" state, I shoved it away and did whatever I could not to feel it. But it just kept showing up. 

I knew I needed to face it. Nothing was really working in my life anymore. My relationship was a mess, my business was a struggle, my health was unstable (I was dealing with chronic migraines and mysterious reproductive issues) and I knew I had to face the music. I had to ask the hard questions and heal whatever shit was keeping me from really being and feeling alive. 

I discovered that I'd disconnected from who I truly was to become the version of me I thought I was supposed to be and the real me was desperate to come back to life. 

As we move along in this thing we call "life", we accidentally "lose ourselves" trying to survive it. From experiencing trauma and abuse to simply trying to fit into a mould we don't belong in, we cut off and silence who we are, in the hopes that we'll find love, acceptance and belonging. But what's the point of finding that if it's not the real you that gets it? And then.... how long will it last? Finding the lost pieces of who I truly am and putting myself back together. 

Upon realizing this, I dedicated myself to the journey of recovering myself. Of healing the wounds, facing my fears, finding my purpose and joy and living it as the woman I came here to be. And it set me free. 

So now I help women, lost in their stuck confusion, to ditch their "new normal" of fake smiles and secret late night tears and instead, get real about who they are, what they want and become the woman that makes it happen.




My name is Navae Lukas, and I do women's work. 

I'm a recovering self-help junkie and people pleaser here to recruit as many women as I can to let go of who they think they're supposed to be so they can rise into who they truly are. Because that's where life, love, joy and success truly happens. 

I'm a Life Recovery Expert and Spiritual Guide serving women who are tired of fluffy self help formulas and are ready to deep soul dive into their unfolding, into their power and into the becoming of who they are. To all the jaded, the seekers the survivors and healers, I see you. And I'm here to serve you.

Want to work with me? Here's how I serve.

I work with women in three different ways but it always starts with an introductory Rapid Alchemy session. In this session, we dive deep into where you are, what you are wanting and what the next right step is for you to take to feel better and be more aligned and empowered with who you really are and the life you desire to live. This not only gives you fast answers to your questions, and clarity in direction, but it allows you the chance to see how I work and determine if you'd like to work with me at a deeper, more intensive level.

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All you seek starts with being who you are