I believe You're meant for more. Will you choose it?

What if people saw the whole-truth version of you?

If you've ever been shamed, misunderstood or rejected for who you are, then the idea being seen in a bolder, more authentic way, can be scary and really overwhelming. Let that fear win, and you'll be trapped behind a mask; living out a half-assed, watered down expression of your brilliance.

My Visible Rebel process guides you from avoidance to confidence so you can lead with unapologetic joy & freedom.

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My Coaching & Photography

Feeling safe & worthy is vital for your truest self be seen.

With my coaching, this is about healing your story while restoring your sense of self and wholeness. During a photoshoot, this safety unlocks the gates for your beautiful essence and wild power to take the stage. When we work at both angles, your leading legacy will be unleashed.

The Visible rebel

Welcome friend, my name is Navae

I know first hand how the how the pains of life can shatter your self-confidence and feeling of worthiness as a business owner. It kept me stuck for a really long time. Once I figured it out, I dedicated myself to guiding others home to their untamed truth.

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"Your people need you like flowers need the sun. If you don't shine, how will they see you?"

Navae Lukas