The biggest problem with branding (and most business advice out there) is that even when they swear they want you to keep it real - you still end up cramming yourself in a pre-approved box that robs you of your soul. What I’d like to do for you is unravel your truth from the tangled up bullshit you’ve found yourself bound up by and distill you back … to you.


We have 2 in-depth calls; one to get to know you and one to show you what to do next. Between those calls, I study your total web presence on social media and your website; including photos, copy, marketing and services. In our second call, we edit the B.S. out and get you back to fully you.


I’m a stylist and director right? The last thing I’m going to let you do is keep choosing low-quality photos, bad color combos or have a user-chaotic experience. I got you.


Well for starters, no more suffocating in that contained, diluted, too-small cage of a brand you’ve been trying to squeeze your business into. Fill out the form below. Tell me what’s pissing you off and what you’re ready to do about it. I’ll get back to you in 24-48 hours.

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