an irreverent incubator for women ditching shame to reclaim their voices, power & lives


You are your best kept secret.

The things you want

The things you believe

Your hurts and wants, the anger and hunger

that person inside who you long to be …

You’ve kept your true self hidden because you’re afraid of who you’ll be,

…and what people might think if you dared to set her free.


Like Alice, you’ve been curious.

… curious about who you might be if you believed you could be who you feel you’re meant to be.


You’re invited down the rabbit hole with me, to find the pieces of you that you’ve lost; the courage, the boldness, the sensuality, creativity …

the power to speak and be who you are - no matter who’s watching, judging or applauding. You’re invited to finally be who you’re meant to be.

I know a lot of people think they’ve hacked this code and promise to have all the secrets to healing your body and soul. “Follow your bliss” they say. And you try to but it feels like a treadmill-bound journey. All the effort but getting nowhere - or at best - getting to the same places on repeat. What most people fail to realize is that empowerment and healing and living your best life now isn’t as simple as just choosing it. We’re finely woven tapestries of layers of stories and these stories can be written for