Art Direction —

Strategic Brand Development
Photoshoot Styling
Content Planning
Brand Messaging and Voice
*Graphic Design

*option to contract services out to my preferred creative rockstar partners 

Event Speaking —

Mental / Emotional Health
Womanhood / Motherhood
Love, Divorce & Abuse
Brand, Business & Purpose
Self Love & Self Expression
Neuro - Atypical Life

Captured Free —

Captured Free is my signature service that both facilitates and witnesses wherever you are in your journey, from a space of total acceptance and power. In this space, I use a combination of coaching, journaling prompts and an intimate photography session for the purpose of you, seeing you through a deeper lens while breaking the shackles that keep you insecure, settling and pretending you’re ok. What if you’re not ok? What if getting up close and personal with this was the way through?


What People Say:


Two years ago, I was searching for a way to combine my need for a creative outlet with the possibility of an eventual career. Navae channeled vision, my ideas and hopes into the concept that has become Sacred Elements. She has the incredible ability to brilliantly put ideas and words into action as well as keep you connected to your intuition, in way that not only gets the job done, but feels good every step of the way.


Navae captures the power of who you are”
— Karina, Sacred Elements


Working with Navae has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my development path. Navae has a unique heart-centered approach that really gets to the core of the who you really are and how to be that fully. While allowing you to steer the boat, she eloquently and ever so gently shifts the tides to help you achieve clarity through waves of personal epiphanies, mindset blocks, feelings of contrast and moments of inspiration. Her work and skills are a God-send for anyone who feels lost and is looking for direction or simply needs help lighting the path to her true self and mapping out the steps on how to get there. I have so much love and appreciation for what she's done for me and the work she's come here to do for others.

- Laura