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Muse Unleashed

un-cock-block your necessary art

For artists, messengers, writers, leaders, doers and makers… that are blocked or just know there’s so much more in them that needs to be expressed. Whether it’s writing that book, the album, the program or just doing their art or being consistent in their marketing… the flow, the inspiration and the drive seems to be buried or just out of reach.

They’re in their own way and they know it and perhaps even know what needs to be done to overcome it, but need guidance. Ass kicking. Loving reminders and pattern rewiring because resistance is real.

Muse Unleashed is offered as private 1:1 coaching in 30 day and 3 month terms, with the 30 day being more of a deep dive intensive and the 3 month being just a deep but more time to absorb the awakening, embody the shifts and put into action (with accountability) what needs to be done. Want to know more?

Vital Femme

Deep down, you know it’s true. The too-much parts of you are the ones you need most. They’re the answer to your hold backs, to your self expression, to the level of sex and relationships you want to have, to your financial success, to your body, your health and art… I could go on but I think you get the idea.

It’s scary to be so much woman. It’s shamed and not welcomed. You’ve been taught that using your voice, loving your body, and setting boundaries is selfish. You’re just too complicated, complex, difficult, needy and demanding.

Only you know that’s not true. That parts you’ve disowned, shamed, cut off and shamed? That’s what’s missing and it’s time to bring her home. Do you know how? Are you ready for the push back and the judgements? What about the renewed health, new goals, awakened sex drive and next level wealth?

We tend to sabotage everything we aren’t ready for. So take the Vital Femme leap with me.

Come home to the power woman you’re ready to be. Want to know more?


Vital Femme

it’s time to own the missing too-much parts of you



A private coaching journey just for couples


Relationships are already tricky. Add to the madness, trauma triggers, children, sexual desires and needs, emotions, different goals and personalities and the chaos of every day living? That’s when things really get messy… or beautiful.

I believe that every challenge is an invitation to greater growth and healing as well as intimacy - with ourselves and others.

In this work, we move through the work of deeper hearing and seeing - both seeing and hearing the other but also yourself. Only when both are learned and practiced, will your relationship evolve as a united, unbound and honored whole.

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