my lens extracts the truth of you.

It’s like seeing yourself for the first time.



My Photography Story

My dive into photography began long before I picked up a camera. I was styling and directing editorial and fashion photoshoots with grand visions in my head of what I knew the shoot could be. I could see the masterpiece. I’d carry a little camera and later, a phone in my pocket whipping it out to get a sample shot - making sure the what I was seeing was what the pictures would turn out to be. I faced many challenges in this time, but solving each one made brought me to life! One issue that kept coming up was working with the models. Many were inexperienced or insecure; often chosen for their affordable beginner rates. I’d notice their awkward stances and stiff camera presence and I’d pause production to connect with them. Eye to eye. Conversation. I’d ask them a soul-led question to help them soften, find their confidence and become the art they knew themselves to be. snap. We’d get the money shot - every time.

On top of that, no offense to any of the incredible photographers I’ve worked with, but I always like my shots best. And let’s be honest, when inspiration hit, I didn’t have time to waste trying to find someone to execute it - I needed to be equipped. So I grabbed a camera. Started shooting simply to see my ideas come to life. But my work in trauma and passion for people’s stories led me to a work of healing expression I never could have dreamed up.

Skip to present day. I still style, consult and produce for brands and businesses for my agency Culturefoxx. But that intimate healer, the one that sees, extracts and celebrates your story? She resides here, providing a safe place for to tell and even re-write your story. Capturing your metamorphosis. Your power unfolding. Your becoming. Your being… you.


How I work

I like to describe the way I work as an intimate, creative ceremony. Whether we’re doing a day session or a longer journey, the work is here to find and powerfully present you. So there are three things we always do. First, we have a conversation about where you’ve been, where you’re at and where you’re working on going as well as the challenges you’ve been facing along the way. Then, throughout the session, we continue to talk and check in. I make sure you feel safe. Things might come up for you. We talk through them. Shift beliefs. Release. Rise. Once we’re done, we always debrief, recapping the experience, what came up for you and how to powerfully move forward from here.

As for the photos, we also discuss ahead of time about both your favorite features, your insecurities and what level of editing you’d prefer, this way I can aim for you best side, your best angles and deliver the edits that make you shine. I’m all for shooting honestly - but sometimes we see ourselves even better than the camera sees. So I find no wrong at all, in shooting or editing to please your highest perception of yourself.

without further ado, You’re invited to experience:


These sessions are sensual in their nature, as their normally done stripped down to little or no clothing. The focus here is on you reclaiming ownership and innocence of your body - it’s form, it’s skin, it’s story, its desires and changes. Think of it like boudoir from the soul, done in a safe place, where I invite you to and witness you in full surrender to the pleasure of…being you. These sessions are powerful medicine - a photographic talisman - for survivors, for single mothers, divorcees, personal reinvention and body transformation alike.

And yes, I can travel to you.

Embody sessions are available on location, meaning I travel to your location of choice, (studio, home, hotel, nature) to make sure you’re comfortable and to make sure the photos look the way you envision them to. *travel expenses are not included

Keep in mind that if I’m traveling to you, it’s best in twos or groups! If' I’m already flying across the country, you might as well get invite your friends to have their own experiences too! Booking as a group gets a discount and a celebration dinner after everyone’s had their shoot!