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I don’t do most things like most people. I’ve got options for every ready soul.


Project Coaching & strategy

This is a 30 day devotion of me to the execution of specific aspect of your vision with the added bonus of mindset ass-kicks, work/life balance accountability and rituals and the check ins to help you stick to your goals. This is great for someone who's got a lot of the pieces in order and most of their clarity but there's something they're looping and stuck in and its time to dive in and just get it done. 

Work includes but isn't limited to:

  • event / collaboration / workshop planning

  • copy / marketing map so you never have to face the writers block of WHAT to post on social or write about

  • marketing plan - for those that do better with a schedule

  • marketing flow plan - for those that hate schedules but still need to get shit done

  • service, product and package planning so you can actually sell what you do and not just talk about it

  • sales plan and networking strategy

  • brand identity + visual style planning, including personal style, wardrobe etc as desired

  • USP, messaging and audience clarity

  • Photo and video styling an production planning *does not include production

  • weekly 90 minute sessions

  • weekly email/text support

  • second eyes support - editing / insight

  • timeline based goal setting and accountability 

All of my work is supported by and includes mindset shifting, self-care ritual, and truth journaling for next level authenticity and deeper intuition activation 


For The Wild women

This is my love and signature work. We are living in a time when everyone wants to influence, lead and succeed - but they're too busy comfortably blending in, filtering and following the cookie cutter rules that ... they aren't being seen. This work is meant to bring forth the fierce core of who you are

It's a 3 month brand evolution process that distills your brand to the heart of your truth, style and visionary rebellion, finishing off with a photoshoot that proves the power of who you are. 

3 - 90 min sessions each month


For Rapid Clarity

These sessions are about activating intuition and getting shit done. They’re about getting fucking clear around where you’re stuck, getting the answers you’re looking for and an aligned fast action plan that both gets you results but also honors the rest of you and your life - your mind, body, family, soul and sleep as well.

Read this next part carefully:

For business owners:

  • 2hr recorded call with a week of follow up text/email support

  • the first 30 min is where you tell me where you’re and why you’re stuck

  • the second 30 min is where you get real about what you want and what you’re made of. (it will all make sense on the call!)

  • we spend the second hour making you a nourishing, goal-centric gameplan, complete with self care, mindset, action strategy and your personalized 14-30 day, *get-it-done* focus plan).

For survivors & single moms ready for self-loving autonomy:

I’m passionate about no woman being left behind. I’m a survivor of abuse and I’ve been a single mom, stuck in the struggle of reclaiming my sanity and self belief, while still hungry to powerfully create my life and freedom on my terms.

But I didn’t have help. I had to figure it out, crash and fall many times before finding my flight. So I provide special power sessions specifically for women who, like me, want more, but need that extra set of eyes, ears, ideas and belief to help her get there.

The sessions are similar to the above with an extra focus on mindset, self compassion, boundaries and the fastest healthiest way to their sustainable autonomy taking into consideration health, children, etc.

  • They’re offered at 50%

  • Only 2 spaces available each monthly.

  • Use link below to be considered.


*Please note that all of my coaching work is trauma informed. There are so many coaches and '“experts” working with individuals, be it with their businesses, sex lives, health or whatever - that think mindset work and positivity are enough to help you heal, get clear and take the quantum leap.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The way trauma works - big or small, old or new, known or unknown - is that it weaves it’s way into your subconscious mind; dictating your habits to avoid what you fear, to keep you safe really. What I always tell my clients is that those tactics are a blessing because one-upon-a-time, they kept you safe.

But now, you’re ready to turn the page, to rise higher, to create - like you’ve never done before.

Being trauma informed means that I know how to hold space for what triggers you, not gaslighting or bypassing what’s for so long been painful to you - but balancing that necessary energy with a gentle yet firm rising - calling you higher - facing fears and expired beliefs - turning them into your quantum leaps… powerfully and respectfully.

Currently, my coaching work is focused loving self ownership and bold expression, in your purpose work, your life and body and in your intimate relationships. At this time I am only coaching privately. See below for descriptions and use the contact button to inquire directly.