Everything I do comes from the desire to see women unleashed into the fullness of who they're meant to be. Because I know what it's like to feel lost, like I'm only half living, disconnected from who I truly am and held captive by a haunting fear that maybe it will always be this way. 

Hello. My name is Navae Lukas & I do women's work.

I help women root into their truth, unleash their power and take full ownership of their lives so they can be who they came here to be.  

More than ever, women are waking up to the idea that they can do more than what they've been groomed for. They can think bigger, want more and make a bigger difference. 

The problem? The grooming runs deep. They feel ashamed of what they want and what's worse - they feel powerless and not talented/good/smart/experienced/worth it enough to have the life they want. 

But here's the thing, sweet beautiful friend. This is your life. And every day that goes by is a day you can be totally building your passion filled, freedom based life - or it's a day you can yet again, succumb to suffering, settling and pretending you're fine where you're at. 

We both know you're not fine. I see through the B.S. because I lived it. I thought I'd forever be lost in my secret misery - a sort of purgatory of existence - and I may as well buy stock in 'gratitude memes' because this was my life, and I better be thankful for it. 

Says who?? 

I woke up one morning with this realization that I've never really had a thing for rules. So why was I living by the rules of powerlessness and "poor me, it will never change?"

I'll tell you. 

1. It's way easier having someone else to blame for your shit hole. 

2. I was scared shitless that someone might call me out as a fraud or as selfish. 

The shift came though, when I took a look at the big picture. What was it worth to me?

I could forever live, trapped under the glass ceiling of my dreams and desires, or I could obliterate it and create the most fulfilling, freeing, beautiful life possible.

I chose door #2.

F*CK the glass ceilings.


So here I am. Doing what I'm meant to do.

I write, I create, I teach and strategize whatever I can to help women see their potential and then fully own they can be who they came here to be, do the work they know they're meant for, have the life they so deeply crave....

..... so they can get up in the morning, excited about the day ahead of them... so they can stand naked in front of the mirror and feel like the sexiest bad-ass queen ever.... so they can break through the walls of their fears and pain.....have deep, hot, soulfully intimate relationships without the drama and they can stop living to please, stop playing small and stop taking shit when they deserve worlds better...  so they can stop overthinking and feel confident in who they are and what to do next... so they can be leaders... so they can be the mothers we need to raise up the next generation of healers and revolutionaries... so they can forge paths, be of high service, make their own money, build a legacy of no regret and rock an independent, soul fueled, passion filled, unapologetic Self Made Life that they can fully fucking own.