happy clients


Breezy says:

I have never encountered quite an enlightened soul like Navae. She brings clarity with a capital C. My sessions with her leave me feeling grounded and feeling empowered. Whenever I need her, she's available and ready to inspire. The work we have done and continue to do is powerful. I'm so grateful!



Reita Says:

Navae is legit! She left me speechless with all of the amazingness that came out of our time together. From her beautiful knowing to the gentile way she calls you out on your bull shit when you’re trying to hide from your truth or play small…if you’re feeling stuck and not sure which direction to go in, Navae is your girl. She will see your soul. She will call it to come out of hiding. All you have to do is make the choice to say yes to your life.



Karina says:

Two years ago, I was searching for a way to combine my need for a creative outlet with the possibility of an eventual career. Navae channeled vision, my ideas and hopes into the concept that has become Sacred Elements. She has the incredible ability to brilliantly put ideas and words into action as well as keep you connected to your intuition, in way that not only gets the job done, but feels good every step of the way.


Cass Says: 

Navae is a life alchemy Goddess! She cuts through everything you have decided to believe you are (aka hide behind), and she illuminates your core. The essence of who you are. And the power that you have to show up as who you really are, do AMAZING work and have an AMAZING impact on this world. If you're sick of hiding in the shadows, feeling lost and confused because you're doing what you are "supposed" to do instead of what you were CREATED to do, it's time to get back into alignment with your soul. Navae can get you there. Let her be your guide!"


Laura says:

Working with Navae has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my development path. Navae has a unique heart-centered approach that really gets to the core of the who you really are and how to be that fully. While allowing you to steer the boat, she eloquently and ever so gently shifts the tides to help you achieve clarity through waves of personal epiphanies, mindset blocks, feelings of contrast and moments of inspiration. Her work and skills are a God-send for anyone who feels lost and is looking for direction or simply needs help lighting the path to her true self and mapping out the steps on how to get there. I have so much love and appreciation for what she's done for me and the work she's come here to do for others.


Summer says: 

Navae is so well-prepared, grounded and very reassuring. Her questions are great, specific, pertinent and yet profound. I feel comfortable when we work together and am impressed by her knowledge and her ability to help me feel clear and at peace so quickly. I'm looking forward to more!