Navae Lukas
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Navae Lukas

has an uncanny ability to tune right into what needs to be seen, done or said, that will turn confusion to power & Vision to reality. She’s an art director and rogue spiritual teacher on a mission to show the world what you’re really made of.


Welcome to the change

you've been looking for.  Whatever brought you here, please know that everything here is meant to guide you into the truth of who you are,  to the birthing of your dreams and to the power within you that brings it all together. If you're sick of the same old B.S., the smoke and mirrors making false promises and the rules that make you feel you're not enough or might just be too much ... you're at home. 

I've purposely curated this space for the black sheep, the jaded, the soul centered, the dream driven, the out-of-the-box thinkers that know there must be more and won't stop til they find it or make it. This space is for you, along with everything I do. Scroll down to read more about me and how I choose to show up for you. And for now, know that I love you and believe in you. 


musings For The wild Ones


Navae Lukas is aN artist, advocate & visionary here to unleash Firey souls into their power, truth & purpose. 


It all started when...

I woke up one day and realized I didn't fit in my life... or... my life didn't fit in me. I was showing up partially, but censored. Softened edges. Muted colors. Volume turned down to tickle the ears of people I wanted to feel loved by. 

But I wasn't happy. I wasn't being fully me. 

I was living what I call a "half life" and my health, relationships, fulfillment, joy and finances all reflected that. 

It wasn't until I took on a 'all or nothing' energy and state of mind around my life, that things began to change. 

At first it was hard. Confusing. Painful and triggering. 

But like birth - I moved through the darkness, found my way and came out the other side...


And I do this work so you can fully live too. 

So you can feel powerful and be powerful. 




I do this work so you can live your truest life. In Your full power.  In total freedom. In The way your soul is hungry for.




So you can find the you inside that's begging to come out - and let her shine without apology: so she can have all the love, the fulfillment, the freedom, the purpose and success she's ever wanted... rooted in her soul and in her values - wrapped in her wildness... 

unleashed and free.