Navae Lukas


Navae Lukas

For women wanting a different happy ending

You’ve been through it. And this time you want to do it differently. Not last times mistakes. No repeating the same lines, scripts, worries or wounds. Not again. But how? How do you do it differently?

By being different.

You see last time - whatever the time looked like - one thing all the times we all went through had something in common. We dimmed our light, shifted our shapes and compromised the flames that make us live wildly ablaze.


Because you were told the heat was wrong. Too much. And as much as it didn’t make sense - not enough.

You were told you were bossy, bitchy and demanding.

You were told you were weak, crazy and…

And I’ve got a harsh news flash for you -

it’s all true.

But not because anything was wrong with you - rather because it’s incomplete in you.

This is about coming back to all of you. And learning how to love the strength, heal the storms and guide the fire inside of you instead of taming it to please others.

Its not about being overpowering and an overbearing dictating feminist.

Instead it’s about understanding and embodying all of you while seeing and celebrating the other - the whole man.

Also about ….