Navae Lukas

My Craft

Navae Lukas
My Craft

I see & set free the real you.

It’s not just my medicine but my art too. Because while I was born seeing into people’s power, pain and truth - art direction and styling simultaneously became my trade. I tried for years to pick one over the other but every time I did, I felt hungry for the rest of me to join the party.

Anyway, after a long back and forth journey of “what do I do” … I realized quite simply that I do all of it. That that’s what my craft is made of.

In everything I do…

I see people.

I see them differently and completely.

I see what they try to hide from me.

I see what they have a hard time believing is there in them.

And then…

in both life and photos… I draw it out, front and center… to the point that they see themselves in the picture (and in their lives and relationships and business) … and they hardly recognize themselves.

They stare with eyes wide in astonished excitement and say…

That’s me!

As if they’re seeing themselves for the very first time.

And for so many of them - they are. They’ve spent so much of their lives with smiles painted on and confidence contrived that even they’ve come to believe the lie.

…that they’re happy.

… aligned.

… free.

But this time… it’s true.

This time, they believe it not because they’ve said it enough times, but because it’s actually true. They’re unfiltered, not holding back, not posing but simply showing who you are to the world.

This is the work of working with me.

This is my craft.

I uncover what’s been buried in you, unleash your wild truth, and capture the best of you…

free and finally seen.