Embody Sessions


sensual photo sessions celebrating your story, soul & skin


There’s nothing more sacred than being your own lover; but it’s a lost and misunderstood art. Not only that, but when it’s done powerfully, the world is thrown and tends to shame you for loving… you.

Love yourself - but not like that.

Love yourself - but not loud.

Love yourself - but not so honest.

Love yourself - but not so nakedly.

Love yourself …. the way I think you should.

We’re trained from a young age that not just our bodies but our truths are bad. Not just our truths but our very identities are bad.

And what is self love, other than embracing, celebrating, magnifying ourselves?

So scary.

Enter the camera.

Self conscious. Aging. Curves. Wrinkles. Dimples. Scars. Smiles. Frowns.

“Get my good angle”, we plea - if we’re even comfortable with the camera at all. Each one afraid of what the lens might see and display, so we hide.

No thanks. I’m shy.

And then there are the others - who play the shy card, but really it’s the wild card they truly are, but they’ve learned to blend in, half express themselves, spending most of their time, almost beginning, usually dreaming, and when they’re honest with themselves - half-living.

Maybe that’s not you.

Maybe you’re one of the many who, sick of that controlling system broke through, left all the people and things that were suffocating you and now here you are. Like a newly reborn child, set loose on the world, hungry to experience it hungry to hold adventure in your hands… and not just adventure but your very own skin.

You find yourself pausing as you pass by the mirror - proud of how far you traveled to find this voice and form of yours. You stop and gently run your fingers down your side, along your thigh, across your belly and up again, rounding the curve of your story filled breast - you’re in love. With you.

Aware of this miracle - because it truly is a miracle after all you’ve been through, you let out a smile, grab your phone and take a self portrait or two - it’s vital you capture the moment. So you remember to remember that once lost, you are found, two feet on the ground, beautiful, strong and proud.

Lest the strong lost ones feel forgotten

I want to take a minute to highlight the others. The ones still wandering darkness and fog, fresh out of pain, still fighting tears, seeking peace, determined more than ever to find the feeling of free… worthy… loveable, acceptable….

Not broken… not hopeless -

but whole.

That’s what you seek more than anything… I know. I’ve been there. It’s part of the fuel that drives me. No matter who you are, what you’ve been through or where you are on your journey - what’s true at each phase is that …

You need to feel safe being seen.

You can want what you want - true love, intimacy, success creating your dreams - but if you don’t feel safe around being seen… how much of that can really come to be??

When you’re honest with yourself, I think you know exactly what I mean.

It’s why we sabotage, fight, avoid, numb out, procrastinate -

We resist what we’re meant for because we don’t feel it’s safe to receive it.

May I help?

I spent many years walking parallel paths; studying trauma and human behavior while being a creative director; fascinated by art and photography.

Whether I was working with women through their trauma or with a brand through their image and planning, we always hit the same walls:

Creative blocks.

Fear of photography.

Fear of owning your message.

Fear of dating, fear of marketing, fear of making your art or living your purpose….

Fear of falling in love with yourself or anyone else…

It always came back to a fear of being seen.

So I made a promise to the muse in my heart to help people see themselves powerfully - no matter what their story, their fears or what they believe, that I’d use my knowledge and craft to open their eyes - see their truth and potential - raw, honest and powerfully - so they could stop hiding, stop running, stop judging and instead …

embrace and celebrate what they see.

I am inviting you to see yourself through with a sacred ceremony. Because if you’ve gotten this far, you’ve either recently turned the page of your story - or you’re ready to. You’re not who you used to be; hungry to fall in love with and immerse yourself with who you’re becoming. It’s a rite of passage necessary for next level self love and owning. A symbol of choose YOU.

You’re invited to take up space in the


sensual photo sessions celebrating your story, soul & skin

(where soul coaching and photography marry to midwife you through this next rite of passage - whole and true to you.)

IMG_4947 2.JPG

Call forth your hidden truth


Celebrate the shadows of every curve

Snapseed 8.JPG

let the light kiss & rest on your skin


Sit seductively in the power of your soul


Out from the shadows, be seen for you.


Capture this moment of change, power and new found freedom you’re in.

Dive in.

Accept your invitation to a VIP experience of your own


What’s included?

Embody sessions aren’t your typical boudoir sessions. In fact, they’re a step above at every level. I have a background in editorial and fashion, so my standard is high and my eye is critical. That means I’m always zeroing in on your best angles and power shots for the most artistic and quality results. Additionally, my decade + experience in spiritual guidance, soul coaching, integrational psychology and the ceremonial arts, set these sessions to deliver at a soul deep, body loving level.

Once you arrive at the shoot, we sit and share a cup of water or tea and talk a little. I ask you questions, you tell your stories and then maybe we switch. We get to know each other a little. From there, I’ll grab my camera and start playing with the light taking test shots as we chat, giggle and play. You get used to the clicks while I start to get ideas for poses and we just start to move and groove. More shots are taken and you’re getting more comfortable now; you might even be having fun! Music is playing - music that makes you come to life. Even though you may not be the type, you find yourself swaying, dancing and feeling in yourself wholly… holy… whole…

I ask you more questions about life, your journey, your desires… your fears, your blocks and what you feel you’re ready for next. You have an aha moment (or 5) about what’s true and what’s a lie - what you’ve been believing and what you’re ready to release and receive. Together, we shift your beliefs. I give you a mantra, a challenge, and invitation to grow - even bigger. And you take it.

Because you’re here. So you’re ready. And I applaud you for every moment of it.

Time has passed and you’re amazed it was so easy. So comfortable. So safe. There’s something different about you too. You feel more in your body, in your feminine heart, skin and mind than you did when you came in.

We hug, say goodbye and then of course I go home to lightly edit your photos before delivering them to you like a ribbon wrapped heirloom treasure.

Now this is where you get to choose - leave it there or take it further?

Some are fine leaving it there - as a shoot and a shoot only.

But others want to go deeper. Have more time to talk, to shift, to heal, be directed on their path, gain clarity, courage and growth.

For those, there’s the Embody Work: it’s an add on that includes 4 private sessions to the photoshoot as well as messenger/text/voxer app support - like soul-friends do.

Not sure which is for you? Easy. Email me and ask. We’ll hop on a quick call to figure out what’s best, what you’re ready to invest, how to make even that part easy and when to get started. Scroll down to find your location and contact me from there!



When: July 10th-14th

Details: In studio on July 10th or at a location of your comfort and choice the 11th-14th. Special guest, Winona Grey will be joining me on the 10th to provide video for those that would like 2-3 minute motion clips of their sessions for personal or social media use.

These sessions will be slightly shorter than my usual ones and available in 45 min and 1.5 hour time slots. Plan to arrive 15-20 early to allow for conversation and mood set up!

(( Jump on this if you can; you’re getting it for well over 60% off the normal rate! ))

Special Event July 10th Rates:
45 min photo session with 1 min video : $300

90 min photo session with 3 min video: $500

Embody Photo Session:

Just you and me, no video, July 11, 12 or 13:

45 min session: $175

90 min session: $300

Click the button below to let me know which option you’d like to book and we’ll nail down the location and time slot details!


When: This is my home base, so sessions are usually available as long as I’m in town - so it’s good to make sure to reserve your spot on my fast filling calendar!

San Diego:

When: August 15-19

Details: I’ll be visiting the beachy coast and wouldn’t dare pass up a shoot. I’m available to shoot at a private location of your choice, be that my hotel, your home or the beach itself. Planning is key though, so tell me what and when you’re thinking! I’ll fill you in on all the details and we can go from there!


When: TBD

*Seattle is just a jaunt away; as well as Tacoma and Olympia. If you’re interested in a session, just reach out and we’ll make it happen!

Don’t see your city? Not a problem.

Location shouldn’t keep you from the experience you’re ready to have. So if these or any other sessions are calling out to you, please reach out. Tell me your story. Have friends you think would want to do this too? I give discounts when I travel to groups; lucky you! So send me a message and let’s see what magic we can create!

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