I believe that self expression is the most powerful medicine we have access to. It invites us to find and express our most powerful truths, while lovingly healing our deepest wounds.


My name is Navae Lukas. I’m a healer and artist that uses words and photography to help people see themselves, choose themselves and be themselves fully. My work is trauma informed, safe, but uncomfortable enough to lead you into the shift you’re hungry to create… wherever you feel lost - disconnected - starving to breathe and be - more freely. This is where we meet. In the in-between. On the bridge. You’re becoming. I’m witnessing. It’s sacred ground. May my coaching guide you and may the photos we create be the talisman reminder that no matter what’s happened or how messy the road journey has been, that you are




allowed to fully be




and seen

You, dear friend are fierce and sacred ground.


“You cannot see the light without the darkness.”

- bryce evans


I don’t believe in running from our shadows, our sexuality, dark desires or even dark feelings. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years of doing this work - it’s that our greatest power is hidden in the dark places we’ve labeled as bad, wrong, selfish and even sinful. That’s a frightening concept for some. But in time, I trust you’ll see, whether through my writing or working with me, that it’s not as scary as it seems - on the contrary - it’s miraculously liberating.

The question I’ll leave you with is this: How would your life be if you weren’t afraid of being seen? What would you say? Who would you be? In how many ways would finally feel free?

If that fuels intrigue, then keep reading. Poke around. Look at my gallery. Imagine yourself as the woman in the photos - loving her body - loving and being herself.

And if you’re not quite there, that’s ok too. That just means you have deeper work to do. If that’s the case, I provide private healing coaching to those ready to commit to the self-love dive. Email me to apply.


With fierce love,

Navae Lukas