When You’ve Manifested Like Crazy But the Money Isn’t Coming (and how to change that)

When You’ve Manifested Like Crazy But the Money Isn’t Coming (and how to change that)

Isn’t that frustrating? When you feel like you’ve done all the things you’re supposed to do and you’re still struggling to make ends meet or meet your goals? You begin to ask yourself how legit manifestation is if you should keep wasting your efforts. But then you realize it is working for other people. So maybe there’s just something you’re missing. And if you’ve read this far, I’m willing to bet you’ve been there and done that and are beyond ready to see some manifestation momentum in the money department.

I feel you.

So if you feel like you’ve done all you can do, you’ve vision boarded, manifested, thought happy thoughts and chanted while standing on your head - I want to introduce some tips to help you kick the unnecessary superstition and start bringing the money in. 

You’re not doing enough. Hate to start here, but I’ve got to be honest. So many people complain to me that they’re not getting the money they’ve visualized and really - that’s one of the biggest issues. They’ve only gone as far as the visualization. You can’t just imagine it. You’ve got to take action and create the momentum.

You’re intentions need improvement. Why do you really want the amount of money you want? Do you deeply desire to better yourself and the world around you? Or do you have something to prove to the world? If you’re only manifesting to prove that you’ve succeeded or that you’re better than this, that or the other, you’re going to hit walls. Because you’ve got issues around greed and your sense of worth holding you back. And before you start feeling guilty about that, keep in mind that we all have that tendency. It’s part of being human, but it doesn’t have to be the reality we choose. When we choose to up level our efforts from simply manifesting to ‘get what we want’ to conscious manifestation, we set the foundation to receive in abundance.

You don’t think you’re worth it.  It’s time to look at how you really feel about yourself. You might at first response think you’re totally worth the money you seek. However, since you’re still stuck around money, maybe consider the possibility that you’ve got beliefs around money that need to change. One way to see if this might be it for you, is to think about how you respond when someone compliments you - do you dismiss it or shift the honor away from you? What about when you look in the mirror? Do you have kind thoughts about yourself or thoughts of not quite being good enough? Your thoughts about your worth show up in many ways. If they’re negative in one area, they’re likely negative in another.

You don’t think your services are worth it. If you don’t believe in the value of your work or think your experience isn’t extensive enough, that’s going to shine through on a subconscious level in your work. Whether you are an employee at a company or run your own business, if you’re not fully sold on what you’re doing, your skill level or value of the service - others won’t be sold either.

You believe in hard work holding rewards. If I tell you that it’s easy to make money, you’ll likely scoff the idea because it’s not the reality you’re used to. If you’re used to struggling to get by or putting in long hours to prove your worth and value, then believing you could gain money easily might be a challenge for you and therefore keep the money only showing up when you’ve “worked hard enough”. Take note, that this one might even be an adopted belief, meaning that it’s what your parents believe to be true and you’re stuck living it out because you haven’t decided to believe a different possibility.

You don’t believe it will come. This one’s pretty clear. If you doubt it will come, it will either take a very long time or won’t come at all. And this one usually doesn’t stand on it’s own, it usually rides the coat tails of another block I’ve listed.

You think it’s wrong to want what you want. This one is quite common because of a couple reasons. One is that we’ve been raised to believe that having and wanting money is bad, greedy and selfish. And while it’s true that many wealthy people are greedy and selfish, there are just as many greedy and selfish people that are poor or in need. It’s not about the wealth a person has, but the heart within them and their intentions. The other reason we have guilt around wealth is that we feel bad about having more than others. We don’t want to do better than our friends or families that have ‘worked hard’ or struggled around money because we don’t want them to feel like they’ve failed or like they’re not as good as you.

You have no plan to share your wealth. This one is pretty similar to number two, accept that it’s fear based. You have no plan to share your wealth because you need to constantly ‘store it for winter’. Saving is wise, but part of your financial plan needs to include using your finances to be of service and contribution the societal and world need around you. As we love with our money, we expand our ability to create more.

You’re afraid of it coming and then leaving again. This one builds on the last point, but takes it further. You’re so afraid of loosing the money that you subconsciously keep it from coming. You don’t want to loose it. This is a trait consistent with the person who even when the do have money, they’re afraid to spend it on quality food or clothing because that would be wasteful.

You’re comfortable with struggle. We’re finishing up with the big one that is actually far more common than you realize. We’re more comfortable with the struggle than we are with the new experience of financial gain and responsibility. This is for the person who thrives on getting discounts, free products, scholarships and the likes. They find comfort in qualifying  for the help they need. And while the help they’re getting is beneficial and makes a huge difference, they tend to get stuck in a rut of needing others to help them get what they need. A point that needs to be added here is that this is in no way a bash against the many people out there depending on public assistance like welfare and food stamps. Those programs save lives even if just a little bit. I know. I needed them too. So what I also know, from experience, is that they don’t set you up to succeed; they set you up to be forever dependent on them. There are no exit programs, no lessons on money management or planning. So getting out of the system (being public assistance or relying on freebies and discounts) is hard because you don’t know how you’ll make it without them…and you don’t want to fail. So the struggle then, becomes your comfort zone.

I’ve hit a lot of points in this post but I hope they were clear and able to shine some light on your own walls in money manifestation. Believe me when I say, you deserve to have financial freedom and to have it without having to fight or struggle through life for it. Maybe in the end, you’ve just run out of ideas on taking action, about doing something to bring the money into your life. Can you start your own business? Is there something you can do better or add to in your business that would bring in more income without more stress?

Lots of things to think about here but at least your wheels are spinning. Remember, that your inner knowing holds far more solutions and possibilities than you realize; all you need to do is ask. Takea moment to sit and ask yourself in the quiet of your mind, which habit you might have been practicing that’s been keeping the money you desire from coming to you. And then ask your heart what ideas it has for creating more manifestation momentum?

Have you hit manifestation walls before? Have you figured out a way to bring the money in that I haven’t shared? Tell me about it! I love learning and know there’s more out there to know.

Tons of love for you,