What To Do When Life is Just Too Much (and you just can't anymore)

What To Do When Life is Just Too Much (and you just can't anymore)

You’re worn out. You need things to work. You can’t handle anymore blows or challenges and you’re more than ready just get a break so you can get ahead of life instead of be suffocated by it.

I know it doesn’t feel fair. It’s like you’re already running on empty when more is asked of you day after day. In every area of life, you are simply spent and you just want a cosmic hand to reach down from the heavens and lift you out of it.

Believe me when I say that I totally get it. A thousand times over, I get it.  

Writing this, I can feel all the pain, anxiety, exhaustion and longing you’re going through. Because in all honesty - what you’re facing isn’t fair. People tell you to put it in perspective, to be thankful for what isn’t  happening to you and to count your blessings. It’s usually well intended but that doesn’t matter. Deep down, you’d rather just give them the finger and tell them to shove it. 

Yes, there are ways to cope and yes you should be thankful for the good in your life. But that’s the last thing you need to hear right now. It’s an insult to your suffering - no matter how big or small.

Advice number one: Don’t let your pain be minimized by the good intentions of others. That’s right. I’m telling you it’s ok to be angry, punch a pillow and scream at the sky. You have permission to feel your anger and let it out. This is healthy. And pretending it isn’t there will only lead to illness, resentment and most importantly - you’ll be too blind from your anger to find a solution to the problems you’re in. When these loving people try to put a bandaid on your wound, politely say thank you, but then be clear that you have permission to feel and that anything less will not let you heal.

Obviously, feeling your anger isn’t going to change your situation. So once you’ve felt it (and you may need to feel it daily for a while) it’s time to rise above it. It might take a while to be free of the feelings that you’re feeling - but solutions still need to be found, right? So see your feelings, accept them, honor them and give them space to be, but then have clear times of putting them away while you work on changing the situation.

Advice number two: Let me be very clear with you because I care - and I’ve been there. If no one has rescued you yet, if you haven’t found a magic wand and if you haven’t won the lotto, it’s likely not going to happen. Sure, you might be smirking at my “shocking” words, but really, how often have you dreamed of a magic cure, pill, check, or lover to come in and just save the day? We’ve all done it. And it comes from feeling like we can’t  save ourselves.

But you can.

You really can. I know it feels impossible, and you can’t see straight from the dizziness of the chaos. But what solutions could you see if you slowed down long enough to actually see them? It starts with believing that you can though. Without that belief, you’ll get nowhere.

And sometimes we have to fall even farther down, have even more weight on our shoulders and be hurt more deeply - to the point that we can really no longer stand it. We finally say, “Enough is enough”, we muster up all of our strength and determination and STAND UP. We move. We choose something different. 

We CHOOSE to believe not just that we can  do it, but that we MUST. 

Then we take action. 

And that’s when we see miracles happen.

Miracles don’t just show up for you in your time of need. They are summoned in and created by the momentum of your choices, beliefs, faith and action.

I know you’re worn out and need the shit storm to end. You need a shift. Things need to change because you can hardly breathe.

And from one survivor to the other, I ask you not what’s the easiest way out?  But, how badly do you want it? And are you willing to be your own hero?

What would that story look like? If you were the hero of your story? How what that feel? What legacy would that leave?

What would your life look like then?

That’s a lot to hear and absorb, so take your time. And please, tell me where you’re at right now in the comments. Or if you totally know what I’m talking about and you’ve had to pull yourself out of the water to save your own life and be the hero - what did that look like?

When we share our stories of struggle and triumph with others, we help them have hope and strength for their own path.

Be sure to pass this on to your friends and family…because we all need to be reminded of our power sometimes.

Much love,