The Selfhood Series

When you decide what you’ll no longer tolerate - be prepared for rapid change. Really. And be warned that the changes that happen won’t always be the ones you expected.

Because what happens is that you get so used to a momentum, things going a certain way for you and you reach a point where you can’t take it anymore.

You can’t handle it like this. You know there’s a BETTER version, a 2.0 (or 11) of the current situation and one day you wake up -

Believing it.

You kind of had a feeling all along. You felt it, wondered it and even demanded it with your words and journaling and even, dare I say it - your vision boards.

But even then, you were half-assing it, right?

Even then you doubted it was possible, doubted you COULD, doubted you should…

Maybe you shouldn’t leap so far

What would people think or say and what if it doesn’t work out and you feel ashamed?...

Those thoughts. On repeat. Belittling the message your soul was desperate for you to hear.

Until that day you realized -

It’s not about wishing. It’s about a deeper knowing of what you’re meant for.

Like you’ve been living underwater this whole time, wondering why your lungs hurt and one day realizing it’s because you WERE MEANT TO BREATHE AIR.

You ACTUALLY stuck your head above water and said - THIS is how it’s supposed to be.

And realized you were right.

That’s the final ticket there.

So many people stick their heads above water and don’t realize they’re actually right. They think they are. But their faith in that truth is swallowed up by those underwater that fear and doubt or want to drag them down.

The lie overcomes them.

Slowly they sink.

Down, down, down into the darkness of hardly breathing at all.

No. Your heart says.

You were meant for real BREATH.

So you wake up one day and realize that it’s not your fault that others don’t see it or believe it. Why should YOU suffocate or drown just because their lungs don’t burn?



It’s time.

You write it into being. You ready your feet to propel you upward and out -

THIS is what I first started with. When you decide what you’ll no longer tolerate, be prepared for radical change.

YES. You were made for this. For this BETTER, healthy, free life.

It’s time to shed your fins. Your gills. The things you’ve depended on for so long for survival are now going to be taken from you to give you legs… wings even … and that can be scary.

You might feel robbed. Naked. Alone. Shattered.

You might lose people - they aren’t ready for the evolution and in fact, as you ARE evolving, losing gills and fins, finding feet and lungs - you literally can’t stay back where the ones you love still swim as fish… or you’ll die.

Do you get what I’m saying to you?

Your evolution IS your path and when you decide you’re ready - like birth - it cannot be reversed. Baby is coming DOWN. (my goodness, isn’t birth always the perfect analogy?)

You spend your whole pregnancy knowing ‘it’s coming’ and as you draw nearer to your due date, getting bigger, more uncomfortable - you know it’s real. Finally,

It’s actually going to happen, this baby is COMING.


It’s going to hurt.

The cramps start.



Nevermind. I changed my mind. I don’t want to do this. Put him back in!! (I did this all 3 times btw)

Sorry, love, this baby is COMING. That’s what they’d say. No time to be afraid. You want this baby. Feel into it. Think about how beautiful it’s going to be (and hard, they forget to tell you it will be hard...) But YES, beautiful, so beautiful.

You focus on the baby.

The breath.

The lungs.
Your wings.

And then… you break free. Life arrives at the level you were meant for.

You get to be you. To think and live and breathe and move in the power you KNEW was inside you all along.

AND AND AND it hurt.

But it’s a good kind of hurt because it led you here.

Do you see what I’m saying here?

This whole “self-discovery”, freedom building, spiritual awakening journey IS NOT all glitter and flowers.

It’s EASY - not because it’s NOT HARD - but it’s easy because you surrender to it. You allow what you’re meant for at the level of not tolerating anything else.

And THAT is when trust - and the breakthrough - is born.


It's you fighting yourself, keeping the lies alive and choosing to believe you CAN’T or SHOULDN’T have what you hunger for that tortures and slowly sucks the life out of you.

Half-assed living isn’t living.

But you know that, right?

You aren’t fooling anyone either btw - your partner, family, friends, clients and kids - they know when you’re half-assing it up too.

So you might as well lay your cards on the table. Be honest about what you know - with yourself and them. You’re far more powerful HONEST anyway.

The lies you choose to believe are your greatest limitation.

Living in your truth is the key that sets you free.

Believe that.

Demand it.

Write this in your journal:

This is my time. I no longer tolerate ___________________ and release it from my life.

I’m meant for _________________________ and I claim it fully.

Write this as an all-encompassing statement or as individual releases - but mean it for YOU. Make it YOURS. And let what’s BETTER finally, finally, finally, come to you.

I believe in you.

With love and fire,


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You’re going to walk away from this work THINKING differently because the 1:1 work I do, changes your PSYCHOLOGY about how you see yourself and others.

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  • Love (and strut) your body

  • Speak your truth without fear or shame

  • Connect intimately in your relationships

  • Have clear boundaries for next-level self love

  • Plan your conscious autonomy

  • Step into clarity about who you are, your purpose and your power to live it.

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Navae Lukas