The Number One Way to Prove You're Worth Doing Business With

The Number One Way to Prove You're Worth Doing Business With

There are a lot of businesses out there and they aren't getting the momentum they're looking for. Now, there are a lot of reasons for that. Perhaps you're just not clear about who you are or what you offer, or maybe you're afraid of selling. If that's true, you're going to come off confused and you won't be delivering your best. So it's imperative that you get clear about who you are and what your niche and purpose is. Once you're clear on that, the best way to prove that you're the best person for the job, is to regularly provide value. Here's how you do THAT.

First of all, there are a lot of "experts" out there using slimey marketing and messaging to attract clients, grab their money and RUN. They sell people on the idea of the solution rather than the solution itself and it's not honest. It's also not fair to the brilliant people out there TRUSTING these so called EXPERTS. SO - if you're one of the slimy ones... STOP. What you're doing is dishonest and selfish.

If you're one of the super awesome ones just looking to build a great business or empire, I have some tips for you

To really provide value, you've got to know your audience. You can't give them what they want if you aren't 1000% clear on who they are.

Know what pains them. What makes them bite their nails? What keeps them up at night and inspires them to binge on chocolate at 3pm to just get through the day because YOU haven't shown up in your hero cape yet?

Facebook group. Start one. But please hear me when I say - DON'T worry about how many people are in it right away. Focus on WHO is in it WHAT they want and HOW you can be the answer to their prayers.

Answer questions but don't just sell yourself. You shouldn't be known as the one that tells the teaser solution and then offers a discovery call. Offer an in depth, OMG answer that inspires them to TRUST you and want more... not just want more.

Share REAL struggles. People know if you're faking it. And if you're really in your niche - if you're really on the right path - you WILL be able to relate to your audience and won't have to fake it. If you can't relate - they aren't your audience. #Truth

Celebrate THEIR wins. Be proud of your people. If they'd like it, tag them in a post on IG or FB, if not, send them a card or small gift in the mail and tell them how proud you are.

Of course, there's more to it. But that dear friends, should be enough to get your wheels spinning. Do you know who you are in your business? And are you really being you, showing up with your true voice, passion and gifts? If your business isn't in flow, it's likely you aren't, and your customers simply won't flock to you. Ready to get a better idea of whether you're on your true and authentic path in business? Never fear, read on!

Has this helped you get some new ideas for keeping authentic in business? Let me know! And please, if you have a story to share about what you do to prove your worth in business, share your tips in the comments below.

Tons of love,