Please Don't Send Me Hate Mail. This Is Just How I Feel.

Please Don't Send Me Hate Mail. This Is Just How I Feel.

I believe in everyone's right to having and creating whatever they long for in their lives, but there's something going on that's keeping a lot of well meaning and definitely deserving people from being able to do just that. So there they sit. Stuck. Dreaming and frustrated. And I want to call bull-shit on the whole thing. But don't send me hate mail; this is just how I feel.

So depending on what you're into, the algorithms of social media are going to flood your attention with ads they think you'll be interested in. So, since the main focus in my business is to help other women create their own businesses and financial independence, it makes sense that I see a ton of ads on Facebook, Google and Instagram targeting money making and business building. That's totally fine - that's my thing, right? I don't have a problem seeing the ads. I have a problem with what they say.

And perhaps I don't have a problem with what they say as much as the movement that they represent.

Let me start by sharing a snippet of my own story.

As I said in the opening, I believe in everyone's right to having and creating whatever they long for in their lives; from the art that inspires them, to the financial independence that sets them free. So every way I've shown up in business, has been a service on that journey. I've coached in many ways. Some of those ways have been successful and other ways haven't been. Now, in the areas that haven't been successful, it wasn't because I wasn't doing a good job (not that I need to defend myself at all), but that so often, the very people I wanted to reach, couldn't afford me. So what did that mean? It meant I wasn't getting paid and they weren't getting the help they needed. We were all losing.

I needed clients and I needed to make money.  There were all these coaches online that promised to teach me the systems I needed to know to change all that, but they cost money - and I wasn't making money. And let's be real, I was a single mom of 3 boys just trying to get by. So it was like... "hire this person who maybe can help me... or buy the kids new shoes." (Now, you might not be in the same boat, but maybe you're an artist just trying to figure out how to pay rent?)

This is where it's important for me to get real on another level with you. I was Struggling with a capital 'S'. Sure, I always made things work, but it was a hustle. (and that taught me something HUGE that I'll share later). But that made me mad - all that hustle and struggle - because dammit, I believe in quantum energy, manifestation, attraction and all that woo-woo crap. Wasn't I doing all the right things?  Shouldn't things be working now??

So there I was, things not working while I was working so hard. I wasn't making money but even more-so, I was depressed because I wasn't having the impact on the world that I knew I was meant to have.

Enter those delicious Facebook ads.

Have you seen them? They're the ones promising that when you use their no-fail formula, that you'll be making 6 figures really fast, having 10k months, and landing all the clients of your dreams while you work from Paris with a glass of champagne in your hand. (on Instagram for us all to see and swoon after too, right?)

Who doesn't want that? I mean come on. Can you really say, deep down in your rebellious holy heart, that that doesn't sound like a bit of freedom to you?

So I'd sign up for the magical free trainings.. They got me so many times! Not because I was desperate to have that champagne photo op, but because I wanted to make a difference doing what sets my heart on fire. And they had the golden ticket. ... or did they?

But let's speed the story up, because I can be long winded, you've got a day to get back to and I need to get to my point.

What I learned from attending all those trainings out there, working with coaches and signing up for various online business programs is this: Charge a high ticket price so you have less clients to find and more fast and easy income. So for example, sign two 5k clients each month and you'll be making 10k months in no time.

Now, before I really dive into my feelings about this - let me be clear: I'm not against this method when it's worth it's weight. There are some people out their who's skills and offerings are well beyond worth paying 5k for.  If you've got a problem that you need solved, or a skill you need to learn and there's a coach out there who's proved their juice and you've got the 5k to get what you're looking for, that's awesome.  Do what your heart is calling you to do. And on the flip side - if you're a coach or consultant who delivers crazy high value and 5k (or more) is the price that reflects the energy you invest or the results you provide - then girl - get it. I believe in you.


I don't believe in the movement that's been born out of it.

Because.....  it's elitist.

There. I said it.

It's totally elitist.

It says that a select few get to access what they're looking for and the rest get to just wish they had help, wish they could be guided and just continue to spend long hours trying to hack their freedom.

"Why, Navae? Why is it elitist? Everyone has access to these opportunities! Money is just energy and if you really want something, you can manifest it with the right mindset and actions!!"

#1. I agree with you.

#2. That's bullshit.

I believe in all the woo-woo stuff; I made that clear. I believe that money is energy and we have the ability to "manifest" it without limits. But here's my truth around that:

It's true, but basing your whole business model on it, might just be your privilege in action.

I've struggled hard. I was a single mama who was tired of being poor, living off food stamps and needing the help of others just to make ends meet. I determined to give my children a different life.

So I did all the things.

I manifested, made vision boards, did the mantras and meditations while working my ass off.....and you know what? They worked a lot of the time. And a lot of the time, I was too tired.

Because real life. Because real struggle. Because real fears, responsibilities and weight on my shoulders. Because sometimes you're just too tired to think so big.

My point:

There are so many women (and men) in that place right now.

Do they want it? Yes.

Do they deserve it? Yes.

Can they manifest the shit out of their dreams? Yes.

But sometimes they need a break too. Sometimes they need a little shove up the hill.

And when every program or training costs at 1k-2k on average (at a minimum) people get discouraged and wonder when they'll have their chance.

Because when you're in the heart of true struggle it's fucking hard to think so big.

But those who've never really struggled - I'm talking really struggled; like "Holy shit, should I buy food for my kids this month OR pay rent?" - don't get how BIG 2k is to manifest - or invest; no matter who magic that formula or service is.

(Let's take a sec to applaud the single mamas and daddies out there working their asses off to create a better life for themselves and their families - who despite the pain and the struggle - have been able to think bigger, stick to their dreams and make shit happen. You deserve a medal of honor. Because that's hard. And you're doing it anyway. You're going to make it; just don't give up.)

Bringing it all back home:

Building your business- creating the freedom and impact you dream of - shouldn't be a survival of the fittest (or privileged) and I refuse to be part of that movement. I want to see a new movement be born, where "accessible" becomes the word we meditate on. "How can I make sure as many people have access to my gift as possible?"

I'm not telling you to undercharge. I'm not telling you to give it all away for free.

Charge what your juice is worth and think creatively from your heart about how you can make sure that those that can't buy don't starve.

In my work, I do have high ticket services. My skills, the energy I pour in and the results I deliver are totally worth it. But I've found a way to charge my worth and remain accessible to those just not able to think big enough or do any more than they're already doing.

Some have told me, "That's feeding into their low vibration and victim mentality."

No. Hanging a golden carrot just beyond reach of a starving man is feeding into their low vibration. He's not hungry. He's starving. And when you're starving, you've been hungry so long that you lose the ability to think of solutions because you've already tried so many things - you're tired - and can't handle that false hope anymore.

So why not put the carrot a little closer? Why not help them believe they can reach it? Put it so close to their fingertips that they just need to go a little further to grab it. Because they will. And they'll eat and feel good and get some energy back and they'll go a little further next time because you've helped them believe in themselves, believe in possibility, and feel good.

That raises their vibration. That strengthens their sense of personal power. That tells them they're not the victim and that yes, they can do this.

My message to the coaches and consultants out there: Charge your worth, but also make sure that those that can't afford you can still feel  their worth. Think outside the box. Be creative and serve with compassion and power. You are needed. Rise up.

My message for the makers, the dreamers, divine hustlers and healers, struggling to make their way:

Keep doing your best. Keep doing the work. You deserve this just as much as anyone else (maybe more?) and you have my support. Talk to me. Tell me what you need. I'm committed to being accessible. And if I don't have what you need, I'll point you in the direction of someone or something that I believe will help you. Because I want you to win. I want to win. And we win best, when we win together.

If you're reading this and don't like it, please don't send me hate mail. This is just how I feel.

This is my heart and the path I know I must honor. I'd love for you to join me, but if that's not what's calling you I love you just the same.

Let's rise .... together.