POEM: The Shit That Has You

Whatever shit you’ve been through
Whatever shit you’re currently in

It doesn’t have to define you
YOU get to decide how it shows up in your life
because I promise you this - 
It WILL show up;

All that shit you pretend you’ve dealt with 
the abuse 
the fears
the shame
the heartache 
the art you lust to live for
the dreams you swear you’re chasing

but you’re not
not really

instead you’re fighting
right swiping
get your worthiness fix
false love
and what about the art
your purpose
that thing that turns you and, gives your life PULSE
and makes you RISE UP
..not today
Get on Facebook 
or better
Post a selfie on Instagram of the happy you that you wish you were 
live the picture of what you wish people would see

leave the dying inside just one more day
tomorrow you’ll break open 
and follow through on the things you said
you do 
you’d be

you’ll build your dream 
end the relationship 
say the thing
pass the drink

you think 
and maybe it’s true
maybe tomorrows really the day you’ll start living for you

but maybe tomorrow will find it’s grave in the repeat versions of days like today
nothing changed
until you press play 
before you’re ready 
before you know how
before the mastery 
the time is now

it’s the only way love
it’s the only play you truly crave
stop fighting
running and numbing
you know what you have to do

in the end - these things-
that lonely companion
vampire of time
useless ryhme
will eat you alive
but who am I 
to tell you what you’ve already known for quite some time
just quoting the verse you know deep inside

that you
aren’t you
unless you 
steps into the hidden truth
the healing light
the darkness you hide 
holds the medicine 
brings you
(maybe for the first time)

- Navae Lukas