He Said I Asked For It; But He Was In For A Shock

He Said I Asked For It;  But He Was In For A Shock
“SLUT- If it were night, I’d have you DOWN on the GROUND.”

That's what he said to me.

“You’re a disgusting, needy, power-tripping, insecure piece of shit and I’m going to stand, watching you until you’ve walked away.”

And to his remark I responded:

(( I'm all about the compassion and love vibes - but I'm not going to have my body threatened. ))


This morning, fresh out of a hot yoga class - I was dripping with sweat and walking to get a coffee. I was happy, thinking about my practice and soaking in the sun's warmth.

*He* saw me and from across the street, started making fingering motions at me colorfully describing his fantasies about me - TO ME.

I told him he was ridiculous and to fuck off. (duh)

He told me I was a slut - asking for it literally because I was walking right in front of his face. Not because I was "dressed for the attention" -but because I was a woman in his line of vision.

He proceeded to tell me I was lucky it was daylight - because, at night, he'd outrun me and have me down.

I stood my ground. I didn't feel unsafe. If it were night - i wouldn't have engaged, so please don't assume I'd be careless.

But you better believe I'll say something when it's safe to do so.


Because at the same time I was speaking, I could hear all the *well-intentioned* voices of those that love me, telling me to IGNORE HIM. Let it go. It's not worth it.


It's my job to speak. 
For me. 
For those alongside me whose voices are weak. 
For the bodies that need protecting and defending.


I am both a sensual and sexual woman. I have a commanding presence that both intrigues and intimidates men.

This is not my problem. 
My power and my sexual energy are mine to own, love and celebrate.

I don't always feel it - I still get ruffled by things like today - or by judgments from others that I'm showing too much skin, dressing too cute or being too confident in my gait -

after all - in the end - when something bad happens - there's always someone showing up - dismissively shaming and saying that somehow -

"I asked for it"

Let it be known, for myself and everyone who's ever walked in these shoes -

I'm asking for nothing

With this, my body, my skin and the soul of the person it holds within -

My honor is not up for discussion. 
Respect is not an option.

not matter how much or how little I'm wearing -


not asking


No explanation or apologies needed.

I'm proud of my form and have full right to celebrate it without being sexualized or assaulted for my confident existence.