Navae Lukas

My Couch + Peter Pan Just Schooled Me On *WHY* We Attract All the "WRONG" Things!

Navae Lukas
My Couch + Peter Pan Just Schooled Me On *WHY* We Attract All the "WRONG" Things!

There’s this thing about scarcity that has it’s grip in us and I’m not even sure how aware we are of it. It’s like it’s right there in front of us, SCREAMING or whispering, it doesn’t matter - because it IS there - right there and we don’t want to see it.

Seeing would mean believing and believing would mean missing out and missing out would mean death.

Oh, our silly beautiful minds.

But it really means death, doesn’t it? In one way or another, real or fake and we can’t handle that as a possibility so we run the other way.

Silly story to illustrate but it showed me a lot - so I want to share it with you.

I’ve had the same couch for a few years now. When I bought it, I loved it. Beautiful, comfortable. All the right things. Put it in the living room and loved it. Until, I started to feel like it didn’t quite fit. I mean, it DID fit - but it really only fit in 2 ways and those two ways didn’t feel… just right. But that’s ok, right? I loved the couch and it’s the one I got, so we’ll make it beautiful. And I did.

Over time, I became increasingly aware of how the couch didn’t create the feeling I wanted in the room. Comfortable AF, yes. But it didn’t help create the energy I wanted in the space. So I casually looked at other couches to get a feeling for what I wanted when it WAS time to change them. I found one. So beautiful and totally had the energy of what I was going for. I bought it. Immediately. I put it in the room and …. it wasn’t as comfortable. Shit. Now I had two couches and couldn’t decide between the two. For DAYS. (is it really that hard? Just choose!!)

Last night it dawned on me. Get rid of them both. They’re both ALMOSTS! 
(gut screaming at me at this point - GEEZ Navae, does it really even matter? They’re just couches, you’re so petty and selfish.)

Petty? Or tuned in?

It dawned on me. 
I’m actually not petty at all. I’m pretty easy going around things that don’t matter to me. 
But around things that matter to me - I know what I want and why. I don’t want things for no reason at all - I want them because they’re a match to what the divine in me is orchestrating into perfection.

Not “perfection” either. But what’s meant for ME. What’s in my highest good. What makes me feel free. What invites the best OUT of and INTO me.

(even couches?) 
Yes, even couches. Or shoes, or cars, or foods or handbags or boobs or dinners or special journals or whatever … everyone has THINGS they invest in because they value - the GET - how high they vibrate when they choose what’s perfect for them.

Can your ego handle that? That all that EXTRA level shit you wish you could give yourself permission to have might actually be a desire inside you because it’s actually what’s going to LIFT YOU HIGHER INTO the LOVE, HEALTH, SUCCESS and RECEIVING and BEING that you keep saying you’re ready for??

But no - don’t be too much. Just stick with the damn ALMOST couch, right?

Let’s be real. 
Where’s the message here??

REPLACE THE WORD COUCH with man, woman, job ….
and it will hit even deeper.

THAT is where the big couch lesson landed for me. 
I’ve had this bad habit - even though I’m pretty damn tuned in - I’ve had this habit of ‘keeping around the couch that doesn’t quite work.’

Clients, jobs, relationships, food….

Don’t be a princess, Navae. Be thankful. Be thankful you have a couch at ALL.

I am thankful. 
I’m thankful that I have so much. 
AND I’m thankful that I have the freedom, and yes, privilege - to get the even better one. To hold out. 
To only allow what meets the checklist of criteria I have for the RIGHT THING FOR ME to take up that very important SPACE in my life.

Lean in to that. 
Hold it. 
And let’s talk about Peter Pan. And Manifestation. … PANifestation. (lordy, I’m a dork. :D)


Why was it hard for me to know which couch to keep?
Because both had their benefits and BOTH would mean settling - even a little.

Fear is at the root though.

It starts with fear of missing out. FOMO. Fear that I won’t HAVE a couch. That I’ll NEVER be comfortable. That the energy I want to create just won’t ever HAPPEN. What if it’s just an EMPTY room for a while? Where will we sit. What will I do?????

And then…

Can’t have any of that, so let’s just keep one around UNTIL the better one comes along.

Dude, that’s like staying in a relationship while keeping one eye out for ‘someone better’ the whole time.

You can’t manifest, live, succeed or love like that.

You’ve got to be fully where you are.
Vibrating at the energy level of what’s in your highest good. Now. Here. All your focus and energy. Vibrating at the level of EXPECTING, SEEING, BELIEVING, and RECEIVING what’s in your highest good.

This is where the PAN part comes in.

Have you seen the movie HOOK?

There’s this seen where Pan is an adult who’s come back to Neverland but he’s forgotten all about it. He ‘grew up’. 
And he’s sitting at this large table with the lost boys who are SO HUNGRY and ready to eat the feast that’s in front of them. 
They lick their lips and dive in.
Pan is so hungry. 
He watches them eat but he’s so confused… He doesn’t see any food. 
He’s pissed. Thinks it’s a joke. 
They know he can’t see. 
Tinker bell tells him to see with his heart or something…

Eventually, his imagination is activated and the food becomes real. He sees and smells and tastes and then dives in to the experience.

He had to see it with his whole self to get there. 
Divine creation always starts with a thought. 
That thought is a choice. 
So I guess divine creation starts with a choice… to think with your senses and belief.

(((back to the couch)))

I looked at the couches last night and I knew what feeling and look and energy I was going for. 
I got back into the vision. 
Oh shit. I have permission to HOLD OUT for the details that make it come true.

We get these visions - settle on a million fine details and then wonder why in the end - the picture doesn’t look like the vision we were given.

WHY do you HATE me? You gave me this vision and what I’m experiencing isn’t that at all?

No shit, beautiful. That’s cause you didn’t stick to the instructions. 
The details are what create the picture.

Be ‘picky’. 
This is your masterpiece.

The couches are a detail that matters to the big picture.
The food I eat, the workouts I do, the rituals I start and end my day with, the people in my life…

What you invest your time, money, energy and heart into - are the details of the life you’re manifesting.

If the details are ‘wrong’ you’re probably letting ALMOST take the place of JUST RIGHT. 
And if you want JUST RIGHT
you have to get rid of the ALMOST.

I love this couch. It’s served me well. 
But I’m open for what’s in my HIGHEST good and my highest good comes with clear instruction and standards.

Let your body lead you. 
Notice how your gut TUGS at your or turns when you’re considering a choice. 
You notice it doesn’t feel quite right and yet you’re still considering choosing it.

What are you afraid of missing out on?
What are you afraid you’ll get wrong? 
And what would it look like for you if you were willing to wait, hold out and save that space for what’s actually meant to go there?

Sure, it might be scary. 
But only until while it’s new. 
Dive into divine imagination with all of your senses. 
And trust
That’s when perfect comes to you.