Navae Lukas

Cheating on Your Soul Creates Burnout, Belly Fat and Sabotages Success.

Navae Lukas
Cheating on Your Soul Creates Burnout, Belly Fat and Sabotages Success.

THERE IS NO FUCKING *RIGHT* WAY. There's only the right way for YOU. And maybe you're over there nodding your head, like, YEAH GIRL, TOTALLY!... But deep down, you're doing xyz like so and so because you don't know how else to do it and THEIR way is working great for them.

My personal example:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE journaling.

And I love journaling in the morning. It feels good.

The people that journal ALSO love to journal in the morning. Journaling in the morning is a key success ritual for them. I was already journaling in the morning.

But when I found out that THEY journaled non-negotiably in the morning, my beautiful blissful ritual turned into a **THOU MUST** religion. I didn't GET to anymore... I HAD to.

I felt bad when I didn't. Like... oh shit, now I'm not going to succeed!!

Laughable really.

(But really, do you know what I mean?? What's YOURS? What's your thing that you realize you do (or started doing) because holy shit, I'll fuck it up if I don't) ??

What happened is this -

My obsession with my THOU MUST journaling routine actually distracted me from my own flow.

My days weren't going according to plan. I wasn't getting my workouts/work in, in the way that felt right and free. Like... I was checking things off my list but it didn't feel totally flowy and right... or I'd follow the 'do-what-I-want' flow so religiously that I FORGOT TO DO WHAT MAKES ME COME ALIVE.

>>> Sidenote: Doing what 'feels good' isn't the same as doing what makes you come alive. FLOW is found in the harmony of BOTH. Doing ONLY your passion will burn you out. Doing ONLY feel good surface shit will not complete or challenge you - much less bring the best of you into the world. So there's THAT. <<<

I had to take a step back and look at my day. I was feeling that sidenote pretty hardcore.

Burnt out, yet somehow not accomplishing what I wanted to.

So I took that step back and reevaluated.

Am I on path? Always a good question to ask, cause off-path will naturally inspire you to sabotage or feel like shit.

On path? Yes. I'm on path.

Ok. So...

To be all in and show up for your life, you need to be properly fueled.

Am I properly fueling?

Ahhhhh... No.

I'm choosing good food and habits and all that jazz - but timing.

I journaled into that ;)

My soul replied: Workout the MINUTE you get out of bed.

(I did the scooby-doo... "HUH?")

But it felt so light.

Ah... I get it. Like ... TURN THE DAMN FIRE ON if you want to BURN!!!

mmmmm.... it felt so good.

and then I did it.

(cause, loves, what's the point of that damn journal if you don't put it's messages in motion??!!)

I got up and (well, I pooped, cause I really DO have to do that first), put my hair back and did 45 minutes of strength and stretching.

While. Everyone. Else. Was. Still. Asleep. :O

WHAT??? That was the best thing ever!!!

and then, all amped up, I grabbed my journal and wrote into kingdom come about how my body always KNOWS!!!

And now I'm sharing it with you.

I feel alive.

I'm in my ZONE.

So the message I'm wanting to bring to you today - is that it's not about WHAT you do that matters but WHAT YOU DO that gets you into your HOT ZONE.

What do you DO, what do you eat, who do you hang around, what are your rituals???

How are you setting up your day, working, nourishing yourself, loving yourself to make yourself COME ALIVE??

Cause that's where you want to be.

Any results you're NOT getting (when you're trying and trying and showing up and showing up) are usually because you're taking SOMEONE ELSE'S inspired action.

It's like ... You're cheating on your soul.

And there are serious consequences there.

Stop that.

Stop doing it like the gurus and experts you follow and come back home to the One that knows - inside you.

That's where your power is.