Navae Lukas

When You Need More Than an "Eat, Pray, Love" Solution - You Need A Miracle, NOW.

Navae Lukas
When You Need More Than an "Eat, Pray, Love" Solution - You Need A Miracle, NOW.

You know that part in Eat, Pray, Love where Elizabeth Gilbert is on the bathroom floor and she just can’t take it anymore? She cries herself to sleep (and to waking) and here she is on the bathroom floor *praying* to know what to do. She needs to know. She needs a miracle. And then, as you likely know, the story goes that God told her to go back to bed and so began her journey across the world to find herself and the chain of miracles that led her there.

Everyone got inspired because they could totally relate (myself included) on whatever level. Some (many) people followed suit. Leave it all behind and abandon your worries to the oracles of culture and wanderlust. 

Here’s the thing. If that’s your path, awesome. But it wasn’t mine. Mine was here. On earth. With my kids. Dealing with some real-life struggle, pain, and confusion. It wasn’t as simple as ‘pack it all up and fly’. IN FACT, that would have been THE MOST out of integrity option for me because of my values as a mother. Even the length of time I DID travel for was pushing the limit for me. 

I’m not saying I couldn’t use it. 
I’m not saying I didn’t need an island of respite or a hot international love affair. (ok, wait. I DID do that. ;) )

What I’m saying is that the ‘getaway’ wasn’t the miracle I needed. 
And there wasn’t ONE problem I needed a miracle for.
I had many problems. 
And I needed many miracles. 

I needed to know what the hell I was supposed to do with my life. (post-divorce can really leave you with an identity crisis)
I was hurting. I needed to heal. 
I needed to feel like I mattered… my whole world as I knew it had shattered. That wasn’t the plan. What TF was going on? Now what??

Oh yeah… and how to pay the bills?
That was the other question. 
Nevermind that I needed answers and guidance and a shit ton of healing - I had to handle school schedules, my kids growth and emotions (and their own pain about the split up), growing a business (business(es) if I’m honest) …… all while in the THROWS of some serious PTSD that was wreaking havoc on my nerves, my sleep, my health and my belief in myself. 

So when I say I know what it means to NEED A DAMN MIRACLE - I actually know what that means. 

And the best part is…. I would confide in friends about these things and hell, THEY didn’t know what to tell me - it was overwhelming just to HEAR about. So they all said generally the same things,
“It will all work out.”

You’ll make it happen. You always do.

I know. 
I knew. 
I always do. 
I always *made it happen* and I was tired of it. I wanted good to happen TO me for once, not just because I mastered the art of the one-woman-survival-circus. 

Fast forward. 

Faith. Miracles. Belief. Acting in belief. 

I *still* make shit happen. I just do it differently. I do it more easily. I do it from flow and belief instead of force and fear. 

That, my friends is the secret to real miracles happening. 
Of course, I wish I knew then, what I know now. (when I’d sneer at Liz Gilbert at her privileged pixie dust solution… hey, don’t hate. That’s totally how it felt. And maybe people see me now and think the same thing? I don’t know. Don’t care. Don’t have time for that shit. I’m still running a circus over here and judge monkeys can walk!!)

What I KNOW TODAY is that I had to learn what I learned - to go through what I went through - to master the craft of… miracles. Miracles, really, are simply the shifts in your perspectives that lead you back to your power and to the most aligned solutions. 

It’s the practice I preach because it’s the life I know. I KNOW needing a miracle. 
And I LEARNED how to BE that miracle I seek. 

Can I tell you more about that? 
I’m teaching a totally free MASTERCLASS in my very special (not like the rest of them) facebook community, Self-Made & Untamed, called, “be the miracle: Masterclass”.

I’m doing it via live stream video this Friday at 10 am PST.
Will you join me? 

You DO deserve the desires of your heart. From wealth to sanity… it’s true. 
Join me. Join us. Be the miracle you’re ready to be.
It’s your life. 
Own it.