Navae Lukas

Why Some Spiritual Teachers & Leaders Should Be Impeached

Navae Lukas
Why Some Spiritual Teachers & Leaders Should Be Impeached

The other day, in one day - to be clear, I saw a spiritual coach shit talking another coaches program. In the same day, I saw a (so called high vibe) woman call another woman a cunt in the comments on a facebook post. The same day, I saw a spiritual teacher rip apart another spiritual teacher's face and personal story.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Calling yourself a leader or healer while using your platform to shit talk is bad fucking form.

I guess it’s cool right now for "spiritual" people to bully and shame just about anyone they disagree with or are triggered by, especially other coaches or healers.

It’s like the coaching industry has turned into The Heathers.

And look, part of it, I get. Yes. Absolutely call shit out. Speak your truth. But when you slander, name call, body/face shame or call bullshit on what you don’t know - you just categorize yourself in with the very ones you claim to despise - and dare I say, maybe you have a better spot there than they do??

To be clear, I’m not about sweeping anything under the rug. Rock the boat. Don’t filter or soften your edges. Offend people with your conviction. But HAVE INTEGRITY.

Dear lord - ESPECIALLY the ones that claim to be spiritual teachers, for pete’s sake. You’re in leadership. Lead well. Lead with honor.

I also get that people are human. We all get sucked into the “he said/she said” crap, into the bitch fests and whines -

To err is human…
To own it - is humble.
To shit talk is to lose credibility, and quite possibly the impact you COULD have…

If this offends you, be offended. But honestly, that will be a dead giveaway on your end.

If it fires you up - my challenge to you is to not be “a Heather” and commit to standing up for honor, self/others respect - while still, of course, rocking the boat.