Navae Lukas

Boobs + Business: The Secret to Your Success

Navae Lukas
Boobs + Business: The Secret to Your Success

I never understood why girls in high school wore those massively padded bras. I mean, hey - I envied that perky cleavage. But I knew the boobs weren't real. I was really insecure about my ... lack ... and those padded boobies were tempting.

(trust me - I tried stuffing my bra in 7th grade and while I liked the idea of the boobed out me - I KNEW it wasn't me. And I couldn't stomach that.)

The other thing I kept coming back to - was that at some point you were going to get found out. At some point, that bra is coming off and... where'd you go??

*no hate here for the padding or underwire etc. Do what makes you feel sexy. But do it for you. Admit it and own it. Don't just pretend to be someone else and hope others don't notice it.

Truth is - people in real life - treat their lives and businesses just like the padded bras.

Look at me! I SWEAR, this is MEEE!! Love me, like me, buy from me, validate me, tell me I'm beautiful and ENOUGH.

Feeling ENOUGH doesn't come from a facade. 
It might feel GOOD - but at the end of the day, you're left with the real you.

How does this apply to business?

Before you can get PAID for being you - you need to actually succeed at BEING YOU. Unapologetically.

Contrary to popular opinion.
Regardless of how many 'likes' your posts get.

Authenticity is not a fair weather practice. 
I see a lot of people in the personal / professional development and even spiritual community doing this. 
Preaching authenticity - and not talking about the real life they're living.

Talk about your REAL successes.
Talk about your REAL struggles.
Talk about your REAL aha moments.
Talk about your REAL expertise.
Talk about your REAL dreams.
Talk about your REAL fucking life.


Anything else will eventually come back to bite you in the ass. People see through that shit.

Sure - they may talk about you - but it's better to have your TRUTH trigger people than your false image.

I don't always get a lot of engagement on my posts. And I'm conversation person so this can trip me up sometimes. But at the end of the day - I share what I share because it's the overflow of my heart and my art. Sometimes it's positive and uplifting, sometimes it ruffles your feathers and sometimes it's just me saying - dude - hard day. I'm not writing for your approval. I'm sharing it for OUR expansion. OUR conversation. OUR rising.

When your goals are about how many likes you get - you're going fall prey to the pull of click bait bull shit and oversharing your air brushed reality.

Facades will always hold you back. 
In friendships, in relationships... in business. It's the same.

At the end of the day, there's nothing more sexy than a woman that stands in front of the mirror and say, I'm me - however I dress me up or dress me down - I'm FUCKING beautiful and ENOUGH.

You have nothing to prove. And when you focus your energy on PROVING yourself, you'll only attract conditional approval.

I want to remind you that your TRUE hot mess is more beautiful than the facade.

So let the SHOULD shit GO.

It really doesn't matter how you show up, your costumes, your makeup, your tattoos, what you want to manifest, the mindsets, the success you seek...

Be honest about the good, the bad, the ugly and who you're ready to be -

Want to be paid to be you?
That's the path. 



Edited to say: 
I'm actually TOTALLY for people doing what they want with their bodies. 
Whether it's getting tattoos or boobs - you're the masterpiece. 
You're the artist of your reality. 
You get to be the creator in any area you desire. 
The intention behind it is what makes the difference.
Love yourself enough to do whatever you want - whatever lifts you, makes you feel beautiful and alive and TRULY YOU. 
That's what it's all about right?

I totally get that many people don't feel FULLY them until that one amazing day they get to sculpt themselves into the SELF they've always seen themselves as.

But you know what's beautiful about the REAL diving into self? You're not afraid to say, "I'm not comfortable in this body. I feel most ME when I ______________ " and then do it.

That's courageous radical alignment that frees you up to be you.

Be who you want to be. Get the boobs. The tattoos. Wear the makeup. Love your life YOUR way. Just be real about your journey.