Navae Lukas

What if Resistance Is Your Best Path to Finding Flow??

Navae Lukas
What if Resistance Is Your Best Path to Finding Flow??

I'll be honest, this day tried to take me down. It almost had me. 

It was a battle. Lots of journaling. 
Writing. Yes... crying. 
Speaking. Angry spewing. (yes, that's allowed, it's part of the release!!)

But damn it - I was seeking flow. 
I didn't want to feel stuck and resistant. 
I wanted high vibe and sparkly goodness all around. 
Why am I telling you the deep, dark and ugly?
Because I'm not above admitting when I'm in a shit hole. 
Shit holes happen because life happens and life is messy when you're busy actually living it. 

I've been dealing with a lot of things at once this week and honestly, I'm tired. I need a few days off, a massage and honestly? Sunshine. 

When too many things happen at once for me, I can't function. I don't sleep, I can't write, create, lead or really... take care of myself. I freeze. I hate it. 

AND what I hate more - is when it's hard to tell the difference between the FREEZE being resistance - or lack of alignment. 

Lack of alignment says: Yikes! Adjust, recalibrate, detox, shift. 
Resistance says: Avoid! Run away and call it 'NOT ALIGNED!!"

But the truth is, it's not usually hard to tell the difference between the two. It's always both. :) You (and I) are in resistance to the alignment that's calling you. 

How do I know? Because alignment is flow - even when it's hard. You get into an 'I can do this' flow, right? 

There's ALWAYS an aligned way to do what you're resisting. You resist it because getting INTO alignment might be hard. Might mean you have to be courageous. Or take responsibility. :O 

So you resist the flow that speaks. You accept the path of most resistance because it's the safer, more comfortable path.

Know this: 
That's the path of the slow boil. 
The slow death. 

And ...

I love you ...

But... It's in your hands. 

There IS *SOMETHING* you can do. 

There IS an answer that you're heart is trying so hard to let you see... 

But you have to choose to hear. 
To honor. 
To face the fear... and act. 
On repeat. 
To admit it's a weak place. 
To get accountability. 

So my question for you is - 

How's the resistance become your scapegoat?



PS: Resistance can be a friend of high service (using the contrast to lead you into alignment) ORRRRR it can be your worst enemy. So stop the complaining and decide.