Navae Lukas

How to Trust Your Intuition When You Swear It Must Be Broken

Navae Lukas
How to Trust Your Intuition When You Swear It Must Be Broken

SOMETIMES YOU *CHECK IN WITH YOUR HEART* AND GET NOTHING.... YOU'RE NOT "DOING IT WRONG". CAN I PLEEEAAASE take a moment to tell you something about your intuition?? <3

You want the answer so you check in with yourself. You close your eyes and meditate or pray and certain words or images come to mind.

Sometimes what you're aware of is clear - and you know exactly what your heart is showing you - and other times, you don't get it.

Like... what the HELL is THAT supposed to mean?

And you start to wonder if you 'machine' is broken.

You doubt.

Maybe it's not your heart speaking to you - maybe it's just your imagination filling in the blanks.


You're not broken.

AND also truth:

You're 'imagination' - imagery is very often how your heart speaks to you. Don't brush it off just because it doesn't make sense to you.

Really, think about it.

How many times have you noticed how a situation that started out confusing and frustrating ended up all working together hours, days, months or even years later -

And while it was going on, you felt lost and drowning, no clue what to do, what's the RIGHT thing etc...

But it works out. In your favor. In your highest good.

And once the dust settles you actually look back and can totally see the breadcrumbs that were leading you here.

All those intuitive nudges...

Those heart whispers...


Or even better - all those times when you sat, prayed, meditated and journaled - UNIVERSE, TELL ME WHAT TO DO!! - And you were told what to do - in a fuzzy strange picture -

... but you cocked your head to the side like - "What the... that makes no sense...??"

The dust settles and you go, "ooooooh.... yeah... NOW it makes sense."

Your heart is ALWAYS always talking to you.

Don't get caught up in analyzing the messages - feel into it.

Go with it.

You say, "What now?"

Heart says, "Get in your car, go to that cafe and buy a ____."

Huh? Not the prompt you thought it should be... maybe that's my head or my stomach... or... EEK.. my EMOTIONS.


maybe, maybe not.

If you're scared and worried - sure - it might be an emotional avoidance.

But if you're more curious, peaceful and open?

That cafe call is the one you need to answer.

Just go.

Don't get there and look for the magic person or sign...

Just go and enjoy it.

Order the first thing that jumps at you.

Sip and savor.

Get lost in the moment.

Journal again.

Be in gratitude.

Laugh that you don't know what this is all about but TRUST that it's all going to make sense in the most perfect (and maybe funny) way.

It always does.



PS: Photo credit to Annika Bielig Bussmann