Navae Lukas

Wise Words & Hope for All The Weary Hustlers

Navae Lukas
Wise Words & Hope for All The Weary Hustlers

Some unsolicited thoughts on #REST - because I feel UNrested so often, I’m pretty much an expert here.

Rest. We all want it. We all love the feeling of waking up vibrantly and excited about life. It’s a side affect of abundant living, right? ((What’s the point if wealth and location freedom etc - if you’re dragging yourself along through the day??))

That being said, I’m in LA. Finishing a mini birthday vacation with my love and friends. But I woke up tired AF. After 9 hours of sleep.

Why,  Navae? I mean - honestly - I had a spa day yesterday, I’m surrounded by great people, sunshine (not today! 😱) soooooo What gives?

I tuned in. Journaled. “Alright body, what’s the message?”

I’m not all in. I’m holding back.

I’ve believed for a long time now, that when it makes no sense why you’re tired - like - you SHOULD be energized but you’re not - and you juuuuuuust want to go to sleep....

You’re avoiding life.

You’re hiding. Not playing the full hand, so running from the play all together.

There’s a bigger call PULLING at me - but it scares me. So I busy myself with other things. #beinghonest -

But truth for both of us here - your body is SOOO dedicated to you being true to yourself - that it will do what it takes to get your attention. It will confuse the hell out of you with the intention of getting you to ask the right questions.

To speak your truth. To be afraid and #DOTHETHING anyway.

Rest? Rest is what happens when striving ceases. When you’re no longer fighting and hustling from avoidance. Rest us found IN alignment.

Alignment = rest

All the fucking time.

So tired as I am today, I know where I’m being called into alignment. Where I’m being called to dive into my fears and do what needs to be done. From my soul. For the love of myself and others. Period.

What about you? What weariness have you been hiding behind .... and what aligned NEXT STEP are you needing to honor, to enter true rest?