The Selfless Art of Doing You

"I can't even." Those were my words as I started my day. And I'm sure you've been there before, where you have a list of "shoulds" but even being awake feels like an accomplishment? 

I woke up with the intention of doing yoga and having a solid read and meditate time. As I dragged myself out of bed and started to read.... I stopped.

My eyes hurt. My mind felt full.
I journaled that I COULD NOT today. I can't take in what I don't have space for and I can't do what I don't have energy for. Not today.

And the beautiful truth around it is that it's normal and totally ok.

As women, we go and go and go. Because we can.
So we do.
And then it's expected of us - from ourselves and others.

Giving ourselves the permission to pause feels weak and selfish. So we keep going. Giving. Doing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for good hustle - but I have no intention of hustling myself to the grave. Because hustling to be all things to everyone not only wears away at our energy levels but our physical health, emotional well-being and over all sense of self. We become what's expected of us no matter how it (slowly and subtly) destroys us.

I've already gone down that road. I've already lived most of my life in the rat race of "damned if you do, and shamed if you don't".  

What I'm proposing is a third way. What if being you, doing you, loving you, honoring you.... is not selfish, but of highest good for everyone in your path? 

You see, you can't be of service when you're falling apart. You can't give when you're empty. You can't lead when your lost. 

So no matter who you are or where you are; student, seeker, sister, mother, lover, healer or change maker... if you're going to grow, love, heal or succeed - you MUST honor your need to pause and take care of the giver and doer. You need to take care of you. Or you will cease to exist. 

With every in breath, there's an out and with every out there's an in.

So before your day gets crazy, ask your heart and body what IT needs to end the day feeling fulfilled and refueled.

For me? I need time with my family. On a mountain. At a river. So I can breathe....

Because wholeness happens in moments; in single choices.

So today let's curate our moments to nourish our whole selves in any small or large way we can find.

And then celebrate it. Every moment you spend honoring yourself- no matter how small - is a powerful act of reclaiming YOU.