Will You Die With Your Song Still Inside You?

Will You Die With Your Song Still Inside You?

Ok. Enough with the small talk. 
I'm tired of being surrounded by the most amazing women ever, who are (as a result of fear, conditioning and confusion) are hiding from who they really are... from who they're meant to be and what they're meant to do!

Some people know without a doubt what their purpose on earth is. 
Some say they have no clue what it is but they'd love to know. 
Others say that having "finding your purpose" is a bullshit endless search for something that isn't .... findable?

Here's the thing. I don't care what people think about the issue. Everyone needs a purpose. Everyone needs to know they're here for a REASON more than just living and breathing, making money, paying bills and then dying.

At the end of people's lives, when they're on their death beds, they all have similar regrets: they didn't love harder, dream big enough or do what they knew THEY WERE MEANT TO DO.

Shit. So "purpose" isn't just a special new concept - it's simply the word that sums up the idea that you're here on earth living a life with MEANING and INTENTION.

It means not letting life pass you by.

It means not just doing what people tell you to do, but doing what your HEART calls you to do.

Sometimes it means being the rebel, breaking the rules and doing things your own way.

But it ALWAYS means fulfillment. It means living without regrets and without apology. It means doing what comes to you naturally, out of the overflow of your heart. It means making the world more beautiful simply because you're living YOUR life the way you were DESIGNED to live it.

Not bad, right?

So here's the thing.

Who here knows their purpose? What's the point? WHY THE HELL are you here?

What's the call of your heart? What does your mind obsess over?

And why???