About that Happily Ever After You've Been Wanting...

You can totally have it. All of it. You can have the life you're dreaming of. But you've got to understand something vital if you're ever going to get it. So many people waste years of their lives wishing and wanting their dream life but miss this very important make-it-or-break-it concept and therefore miss out what what they should have had a long time ago.

Your happily ever after is totally a DIY job. Yup. 1000%. Real life, sustainable, satisfying happily ever afters are always self made. Because riding someone else's coat tails is unfulfilling and honestly leaves you feeling powerless and dependent. Ouch. But it had to be said. 

Does this mean you can't get help? Not at all. Get help. But You do the doing. You do the dream building and making. Delegate. Hire experts. Pay them. Learn. Do the work. Dream your own dreams and then make them happen with your own hands. That's the foundation of a future you can own. 

Listen love, I can't be clear enough. You're the only one responsible for your "happily ever after". You're the only one. It's the truth you need to hear, accept and own if you want to rise into all the possibilities out there for you. When you grasp this, you'll be unstoppable. You'll quit being held back by the shit that's happened to you, by the wrongs, by the struggles and by the fears. You'll realize you're on top and you can only go higher.

How would unstoppable feel? Does that feel like a reality you could totally live with?

Listen, you know you're amazing. I know you're amazing. But if you're leaning on or waiting for someone else to be the one to help you rise, you'll never see how powerful you are.

The thing is, people will let you down. Lovers will let you down. Those you're IN LOVE with will let you down. First of all, because they're human and not here to complete you or make sure your life is a bed of roses. They've got their own dreams to follow and their own shit to take care of.

So your job is to take care of yours.

Know what you want. In fucking detail.

Put in on an alter and bow in reverence to the divine power that's available for and in you to make it all happen when you let it be front and center.

Serving yourself isn't selfish. It's mandatory for you to be filled enough to pour into the lives of others. So no more of this give give give bull shit. You're wearing yourself out. There's more for you out there but you have to be willing to LOOK LIKE the selfish bitch - because deep down you know that the most honorable thing you can do for yourself, others and the world, is to love yourself so much - with so much conviction - that you shine with a contagious blinding light that has the power to inspire, lift, love and heal the people in your path.

Honorable? I think yes.

So live your own happily ever after not because you expect perfection - but because you understand that to ever be happy, you have to first take responsibility.

"Happy" forever comes after taking a queen level of divine responsibility for what you want most.


I love you.