Sick Again, Need a Day Off and a Vacation. You Too?

Back into the sick hole. Full of tea and sweat and rest. Leaning in.

Which made me think of what I really want to tell you today.
About self care when you don't have time AND when you feel guilty for taking it. I mean - we all talk a big 'self-care' game, but who actually has time for it?

Well ... you do. 
and the only reason you don't give yourself what you need is because you're afraid you'll be judged or lose something important if you do.

Now - I know - there's the whole, "I'll get fired card". Ok. Sort of. Possibly. But can you really go to work throwing up? It's your job to be clear about HOW sick you are. It's your job to spend your days off RESTING and refueling. It's YOUR job to feed yourself quality healthy food. Ditch the sugar. Chill out on the happy hour. YOU KNOW what you can do to support healthy self care as a maintenance - not just as crisis management.

So. Point.

Do you see self care as emergency care?
Or do you see it as the habits and rituals you have set up each day to keep you healthy, happy, energized and high vibe?

Cause everyone can do that. You too. 
Yes, busy mom who can't think straight. It's hard - but doable. You know that. You're just so tired, you're frustrated and angry and forgot. Because you're focusing on how tired and frustrated and angry you are. Riiiiight?

So then this is about mindset.

Where's your head? What DO you have available to you to nourish you?

What breaks CAN you take? What habits CAN you change?

What *IS* in your power is where you need to be focusing.

I'm sick as fuck. It's true. So I focus on what I need to do for NAVAE to feel good. Because SHE is MY responsibility. Healthy or sick.

I work when I can't. And I reschedule when I can't. Plain and simple. Everyone has their different life and hustle standards - know yours and hold to them.

Fuck judgmental onlookers. They aren't your people.

YOUR people will say, "Do what you've got to do. How can I support?"

No, not everyone will GET what you need to do for yourself... hell, even YOU don't know what you need half the time, right?

So give yourself the grace to say no. FIND out what you need. Follow the flow. Give yourself breaks.

Go . . . s l o w e r . . . and don't apologize for it. 
Only do what MUST be done and trust the rest will get done in time.

You can't LIVE your life if you feel like you're dying. (yoda moment there)

You can't be free when you're so locked into everyone else's expectations and judgements.

Want to FEEL free? Act like you are. Choose you.

And remember,

This is your life. 
OWN it.