When Everyone's Living The Good Life & You Just Want Your Turn

Scrolling through Facebook and Instagram - it’s easy to get pissed at all the fake shit filling your feeds. I’ve got people I follow and I KNOW they’re feeds are B.S. -They are NOT living the life they preach. (And I know I'm not the only one!)

And then some people? It’s totally true. And the bratty little girl in me can come up with a list of reasons why it’s not fair - and why her, not me.

Oh please. Not THAT inner voice again. 
Let’s get back to TRUTH.

The truth is:

1. What they’re doing has NOTHING to do with me.

2. It’s not about FAIR; it’s about CHOICE.

3. Where you are is where you are. What you want is what you want. I’m not saying it’s easy (or fair) but it’s how things are - and they will STAY that way, until you TAKE CHARGE and commit to something different.

3.b )) Stop complaining and making excuses. Really. Stop.

4. Dream all you want... dream as often as possible. But it’s the DOING that makes your dreams come true. ♥️ So get crystal clear about what you want and make a plan. A REAL fucking plan that you CAN commit to.

5. Be prepared. You WILL face challenges. People. Situations. Hard times. Tests. —�—�—� >> O V E R C O M E. Be prepared and you WILL. Just because you hit a dead end or door slams in your face, doesn't mean "it's not meant to be". Bullshit.

It's meant to be when your heart hungers for it. And it all comes together when you commit to doing whatever it takes no matter how long, how hard or how lost you feel. 

It gets easier when you remember it's all in your hands. You make the rules. Find the path that feels right and then RUN with it.  

It’s time to stop wishing and complaining and JUST dreaming ... and start doing.

And remember:
This is YOUR life.
Design it to OWN it.