Art Direction & Styling


Creative Direction

I have worked internationally with personal and product brands as both creative director and lead stylist on location for film and photoshoots. See below for samples of brands and work.

WTF is creative direction?


WTF is style Direction?



Simply put, the creative / art director manages all the fine details in the pre-planning, during the shoot and post production, to make sure you’re shoot kicks ass in quality and sticks to your vision and brand.

Style direction and styling is about making sure the lighting, props, shadows, wardrobe, makeup are all perfect, touched up and arranged properly so you get as many incredible photos as possible.

GON Vienna, TOMS, AntiPearle, The Autonomics, Šimon Kotyk, Sarah Jackson Holman, Amateur, Sabine Karner, Medicine Collective, Thanks Band, Haley Johnson, Motopony, and more…