Have we met?

I realize I’ve only got a little space to work with here and you don’t need to know all the details of my life, so I’ll keep it to the most important facts.

I see people. Like in Sixth Sense, when the kid sees dead people, except I see into the truth of the living.

Put a person in front of me and I get them. I get their vision, their fire and the work they’re meant to do in the world, as well as the bullshit, fears and beliefs that hold them back. Add to that my critical, minorly obsessive eye for style and detail and you have the makings of an art director that delivers.

I was L.A. born and PNW transplanted. I’m a single mom hustling to set a high-standard example to my 3 teen boys that life is what you make it. Personal growth is a non-negotiable in my world. If you’re not growing - or seeking to - are you even living?

Having been a black sheep that’s been to hell and back multiple times, I have a passion for the misfits and mystics. I study trauma and human behavior for fun so you can only imagine what talks over dinner with me are like. (Actually, I’m pretty fun.)

Other things? Green juice, world traveling, tattoos, comedy, documentaries, hikes and hotels over camping most days. Follow me on IG for the poetry.